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Yahoo! Health News

French study finds tumors in rats fed GM corn
LONDON (Reuters) - Rats fed a lifetime diet of Monsanto's genetically modified corn or exposed to its top-selling weedkiller Roundup suffered tumours and multiple organ damage, according to a French study published on Wednesday. Although the l...

Website lifts the lid on Singapore's best and worst toilets
SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Whether gleaming or gross, Singapore's public toilets face the scrub brush of scrutiny in an online map and feedback forum announced on Wednesday. LOO Connect, a new part of the Restroom Association of Singapore's toi...

Consumer Reports urges U.S. regulators to set limits on arsenic in rice
(Reuters) - Consumer Reports on Wednesday called on U.S. regulators to set limits for arsenic in rice after an investigation by the independent product testing group found "significant" levels of inorganic arsenic, a known human carcinog...

Study finds why antidepressants work better for some
LONDON (Reuters) - British scientists have identified biological markers in the blood which should help doctors match patients to the best type of treatment for depression. The aim is to end the "trial and error" prescription of antidepr...

Czechs may ease liquor ban next week after poisonings
PRAGUE (Reuters) - The Czech government may partially lift a ban on the sale of liquor next week while the search for the source of poisonous alcohol that has killed 23 people continues, Prime Minister Petr Necas said on Wednesday. The EU member s...

Kenya Finmin says striking teachers' pay demands unsustainable
NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's economy cannot fund the wage increases striking teachers are calling for and meeting their demands would require hiking taxes or the government borrowing more cash, the country's finance minister said on Wednesd...

Boston Scientific to buy privately held heart device maker
(Reuters) - Medical device maker Boston Scientific Corp said it would buy privately held heart device maker BridgePoint Medical Inc to gain access to its product that restores blood flow in blocked coronary arteries. Minneapolis, Minnesota-based B...

Facing anti-malaria nets, mosquitoes alter habits
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - After two African villages started using mosquito nets to fight malaria, the local mosquitoes seemed to change their biting habits to skirt the barriers, a new study finds. Insecticide-treated bed nets are considered a ...

West Nile cases in U.S. up 19 percent in latest week-CDC
(Reuters) - The number of U.S. cases of West Nile virus rose by 19 percent in the latest week, slowing slightly from its earlier pace but still putting this year on track to be the worst outbreak since 2003, government figures showed on Wednesday....

Czech PM wants liquor history on new bottles
The Czech prime minister says any new hard liquor produced in the country needs to have a detailed certificate of origin ? a move that comes after at least 23 people who drank bootleg booze tainted with methanol died.

Queen's Brian May battles for threatened badgers
A battle over badgers is brewing in Britain ? and rock star Brian May is leading the fight.

Cancers on the rise in pregnant women: study
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The number of pregnant women diagnosed with cancer has increased over the past couple of decades, a new study from Australia suggests. In 2007, the most recent year studied, researchers found 192 out of every 100,000 pr...

Cancer? What cancer? Chavez's health off radar as vote nears
CARACAS (Reuters) - Just months ago, it was the issue dominating Venezuela and its presidential campaign. Now Hugo Chavez's bout with cancer is barely mentioned as his October 7 re-election bid approaches. Once-frenetic rumors about Chavez'...

Factbox: How much rice should you eat?
(Reuters) - Consumer Reports is urging U.S. limits for arsenic in rice after tests of more than 60 popular products -- from Kellogg's Rice Krispies to Gerber infant cereal -- showed that most contained some level of inorganic arsenic, a known ...

Heart attack patients treated off-hours do as well
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The chances of surviving an emergency heart attack procedure may be just as good whether you're treated on a weekday, weekend or at night, a new study suggests. The findings come from one large UK hospital. But rese...

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