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* Walking and aerobic exercise

Exercise with a component of aerobic exercise is generally recognized as the best way to lower bad cholesterol levels. And the best exercise of all is walking. It's the easiest way to exercise, it can be done anywhere, and at virtually anytime. By walking you can: reduce high cholesterol and improve blood lipid profile, increase bone density, reduce body fat, reduce the risk of non insulin dependant diabetes, help to control body weight and help osteoarthritis. But to get the best benefit for your heart high intensity cardiovascular or aerobic exercise two or three times a week is a more effective and a more aerobic exercise.

* Heart exercise

So, while walking is effective if maintaining or controlling your body weight, more aerobic exercise in the form of a faster walking pace can improve cardiovascular function as well as fitness level. And by including a walk up an incline as a form of heart exercise will be of great benefit in cholesterol lowering.

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