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How do I Lower Cholesterol Naturally?

Not everyone is conscious about how and what they eat. Because of this, many people suffer from degenerative diseases, which are caused by bad lifestyle choices. Too much fat in food can cause the body’s cholesterol levels to rise. High cholesterol is the primary reason for heart diseases, being overweight and high blood pressure etc. Considering how serious the damage that high cholesterol can be to your health, it has become important that people be mindful of what they can or cannot eat in order to maintain a lower cholesterol level in accordance with what the human body is required to have.

What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is defined as a wax-like matter that is derived from the liver. Having cholesterol in the body is important. Usually, our cholesterol levels are related to the food we eat. Many of the foods we eat contain some saturated fats that influence cholesterol levels. An increase of the body’s normal cholesterol level can be detrimental to health. That’s why more often than not people with high percentages of cholesterol are advised to practice a diet that can help them lower their cholesterol levels.

Lower cholesterol plays a key role in healthful living. An excess of cholesterol in the blood can cause the arteries to clot. And this clotting of the arteries may lead to a disease known as atherosclerosis. If this continues, the blood vessel becomes diminutive to the point that it could affect the flow of the blood through the veins, thereby resulting in heart attack or stroke. Furthermore, greater damage can be experienced if you have other ailments like obesity, hypertensions, and diabetes.

Many alternatives for reducing high cholesterol incidents are being developed. However, there are natural approaches that can be adopted by everyone.

To lower cholesterol the natural way, you are likely to be advised to follow a sensible diet and exercise scheme. A sensible diet means adhering to a low cholesterol diet. This would involve eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Based on medical studies foods like avocados, garlic and olive oil can help reduce cholesterol. Fiber-rich foods are also proven to reduce the risk for high cholesterol. Stay away from fried foods; grilling your food is better for your health. Keeping fit is the simplest therapy that everyone can do. Other natural options that can prevent excessive cholesterol is steering clear of cigarette smoking and drinking.

Natural ways to reduce cholesterol can bring significant changes to your health – changes that are vital to living a hearty and healthy life.

If you suffer with high cholesterol, you should consult your primary care physician prior to making any changes in your diet or lifestyle.

About the Author: Kathryn Whittaker has an interest in Health related subjects. To find out how you can lower high cholesterol please visit this Lowering Cholesterol site.

Lower Cholesterol and Reduce Cholesterol

* Reduce cholesterol through dietary changes

If your blood test shows that your cholesterol levels are too high, then you should take immediate measures to reduce cholesterol levels, especially LDL cholesterol. Your doctor will advise you on the best course of action for lower cholesterol but you should always start with your diet, since you may be lucky enough to reduce cholesterol the natural way and avoid costly medications and/or supplements which can have nasty side effects.

A low cholesterol diet is normally a diet which is low in saturated fat and will include such foods as, skinless poultry, lean meats, fish and shellfish, low fat dairy products, plenty of fruit and vegetables, and whole grain foods. And you can reduce cholesterol by cooking your food by grilling, steaming, boiling, poaching or in a microwave oven. Try to resist deep-frying foods in lard or oil. If you are serious about a diet that will reduce cholesterol levels, use canola or olive oil instead and in only small quantities.

* Lower cholesterol levels with exercise and medication

As good as diet is for lower cholesterol you will also find that exercise will also help you lower cholesterol levels. Try to get at least 30 minutes of brisk walking in each day and include an aerobic component to get your heart muscles exercised. Also try yoga stretching exercises before you head outdoors, as this will limber you up.

However, you may find cholesterol medication is needed to bring your cholesterol levels under control. Your doctor will generally be keen to prescribe you a cholesterol medication if he/she feels that a lower cholesterol diet is not altering your cholesterol levels, especially lower LDL cholesterol levels. But you should be aware of the side effects of cholesterol medication before taking a course of drugs. This way, you can look out for symptoms that might indicate that the cholesterol medication does not work well in conjunction with your physiology. Remember to let your doctor know if serious reactions occur. The most common cholesterol medication is the group of statin drugs which have been very successful in lowering cholesterol. For a full description of cholesterol medication, visit the Medication section of this website.

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