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Lowering high cholesterol resources and further information

Health Care
Health care information for cardiovascular patients, their physicians, carers and families.

The American Heart Association.
Has excellent information on how to lower cholesterol.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
This web site contains professional and general health-related information on cholesterol lowering.

FDA Consumer magazine
Information on keeping cholesterol under control, from the US Food and Drug Administration's FDA Consumer magazine.

Harvard School of Public Health and Nutritional Research
Latest information on fiber, fats, calcium, carbohydrates, eggs, and nutritional pyramids.

Cholesterol Information
Medical information about cholesterol, for persons experiencing elevated cholesterol, levels to help them make informed health decisions.

Information about risk factors of high levels of cholesterol or coronary artery disease (heart attacks and angina).

The American Academy of Family Physicians
Information about cholesterol levels.

The National Institute of Health
Information on cholesterol.

Stress Anxiety and Depression
Information, treatment, and products regarding stress, anxiety and depression from the Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Resource Center.

You And Your Cholesterol
Dedicated to people of all ages who wish to expand their knowledge of lowering bad cholesterol levels naturally, utilizing safe and effective solutions.

Depression Treatment
Our mission has been to globally source, research, and evaluate the most effective treatments for Depression, Anxiety, and similar stress related disorders available today.

Lower Cholesterol Guide
Site Description: Information on lowering cholesterol, cholesterol diet, low cholesterol foods, cholesterol tests and cholesterol medications.


Tooth Whitening
Dentexcel offer the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry in london. We are located on harley street in London and also have a city centre practice. We offer services such as mini dental implants, cosmetic dental treatments, maxillo-facial surgery and tooth whitening dentistry.

Orphans Smile supporting Orphans in Need
Orphan Smile, a dedicated charity supports orphans in need worldwide. Donors may sponsor the orphans on an going basis or make a one time donation.

Information on Cholesterol